There’s a lot you’ve got planned to do during the summer, and you want to be able to enjoy every single moment! But when you’re living with hearing loss, you’ve got a few more things to keep in mind during your summer activities. 

Namely, you’re not sure how to take care of your hearing aids as you travel or go for a swim, and you’re not sure how to address your hearing loss needs if you’re away from your audiologist. 

And because of these worries, we’ve got a simple checklist to keep in mind before the summer properly hits, to make sure you’re enjoying yourself as much as possible when the sun is out. 

If You’re Planning to Travel

Travel plans during the summer hit an all-time peak, and everyone wants to hit the train station or airport runway to get off to greener, sunnier pastures. However, as you know if you’re someone living with hearing loss, there are a few extra steps before you pack your bags and set off. 

First of all, you’ll need to get in touch with where you’re staying and the places you plan to visit to see how they accommodate for someone with your needs. You’ll also need to get your hearing aids checked out before you leave, as well as pack extra batteries in your case, just in case. 

Be sure to pay attention to hearing loop notices and be sure to download interpreter apps and schedule notifications apps to your phone to help you communicate and stay on time. Similarly, if you’re wearing an in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aid, it’s a good idea to contact your audiologist to ask if a telecoil is contained within, as this could help you to stay connected when you’re in both remote and Bluetooth enabled areas. 

If You’re Hitting the Beach or Pool

If you’re someone who wears hearing aids on a daily basis, going for a swim or a dip in the pool can be a tricky thing. You can’t get your aids wet, but how else can you enjoy the cool water on such a sunny day out? You’ll need to remove your hearing aids, which can be easily done and store them somewhere dry, cool and safe. 

Once you get out of the pool again, be sure that you’ve removed any excess water from your ear canals by jumping up and down a few times with your head tilted. This’ll shake anything that’s trapped in there straight out, and will stop you from getting an infection known as swimmer’s ear. Once you’re all dry, you can pop your hearing aids straight back in. 

If You’re Going to Work Up A Sweat Outside

Because it’s going to be warm and sunny, and you’re going to be out and about enjoying yourself, and that means you’re likely to sweat a lot more than usual. However, this can mean that excess moisture, and even a bit of dirt, can get clogged up in areas around your body, including the outer and inner ear. And this can wreak havoc on a hearing aid, especially if it’s an ITC variety. 

Always be sure to remove and store hearing aids if you know you’re going to be visiting a traditional wet area, or you’re about to do something strenuous such as a hike through the woods. However, if you decide to keep them in, take extra batteries with you as well, especially if you like to camp or road trip during the summer period. 

When to See an Audiologist

Of course, before you make any big plans to head away or go on a road trip or even to have a pool party in your own backyard, it’s a good idea to talk to your audiologist. Make sure they know about your plans, so they can administer the right advice for both hearing loss and hearing aid care and to check your aids over ahead of time to ensure they’re working properly. 

And because the summer is rapidly heading towards us, make sure you get in touch as soon as possible. If you’re worried about how your hearing aids are currently performing or if you want to book in for a hearing test that’ll evaluate your need for a hearing aid in the first place, be sure to contact us here at Adirondack Audiology. Call us at 800-273-9536 to be put straight through to one of our representatives and book an appointment that’ll suit you.