Like most technology, hearing aids have some problems and malfunctions every now and then. You might find that you need to send your hearing aids off for repairs. It could be something simple, or it might be a little more complicated. Hearing aid repairs cover a range of issues; some issues might have a quick fix and others may take longer. Here are four of the most common issues that could lead to your hearing aids needing to be repaired.

Problems with the battery

If your sound quality is poor or you’re hearing static or intermittent noise, you could be experiencing a problem with the battery. The battery may be installed the wrong way and is therefore not working. The battery could simply need to be replaced. Or, it could be something more complex that would lead to the battery compartment to need replacing or repairing. This is not something you can do yourself and you will definitely need a professional to complete the repair for you.

The microphone is broken

It is possible that there is a problem with the microphone in your hearing aids. This will likely be a problem if you notice that the sound has recently changed and you are not hearing as much as you used to. Here it is possible that your hearing has changed and before you send your device off for hearing aid repairs, you should consult an audiologist. They may be able to fix the problem for you by adjusting the hearing aid and then the sound should be back to normal.

However, if there is a problem with the microphone, then hearing aid repairs will definitely be necessary. Problems with the microphone can only be fixed by a professional and you should not attempt to do so by yourself as it will not be an easy fix.

Damaged hook

While this is a rather simple fix, it is a very important one. The earhook of the hearing aid helps it to fit on your ear without problems. If the earhook is damaged or broken, there is nothing to hold the hearing aid in place. If it has snapped, then you may want to try glueing it back together. However, if this does not work and you find it breaks again, you should send it off to a professional who specializes in hearing aid repairs.

Wax build up

Having hearing aids in your ears prevents the process that removes the ear wax from your ear. As such, a build up of wax can form over time and cause issues with your hearing aids. You can try to prevent this by cleaning off the wax every time you take your hearing aids out at night time. However, if you don’t do this and the build up gets severe, then you should not try to clean off the wax yourself. You can consult your audiologist who will be able to safely clean your hearing aids without causing any damage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we would recommend that you consult your audiologist who can advise you on whether your hearing aids need repairs.