Hearing aids can easily be damaged. Not only are they fragile and easily broken due to their size, but they could be mistreated and covered in dirt, grime or even earwax. Hearing aid repairs are common and most hearing specialists are perfectly capable of fixing most issues. However, if you’ve spoken to your hearing care provider multiple times regarding your hearing aid repairs, then they might actually suggest replacing them instead of fixing them.

This is because replacing your hearing aids can come with many advantages despite it being more expensive. However, replacing isn’t always the best option and it can be hard to decide what the better choice is. So to help you out, we’ve prepared a couple of questions that you should ask yourself in order to make the choice easier.

Are your hearing aids custom made?

If your hearing aids are custom-made then it’s easier to repair them than to replace them. Replacing them will require your ears to be measured again and this can be a hassle. Not only that, but the hearing aid itself will need to be remade and this could have you waiting several days or even weeks. As such, try and get your hearing aids repaired if they’re custom-made.

Has it been a while since you’ve had your hearing aids?

If your hearing aids are old then they might be suffering from permanent damage, they could no longer fit your ears correctly or they might lack the modern features that other hearing aids have. If you think it’s been a while since you received your hearing aids, then swapping them out for a newer model might be a great option.

Do your hearing aids break on a regular basis?

Hearing aids can deteriorate over time even if you’ve taken great care of them. The hardware might become more fragile and it might start to break on a regular basis. This will require regular maintenance and frequent visits to your hearing health provider, making it quite expensive. If this is the case for you, then it might be better to replace your hearing aids with a newer, sturdier model so that you don’t need to constantly fix them.

Are your currently hearing aids perfect for your use?

If your hearing aids are already perfect for you then there’s no reason you have to change. You may have already experienced the whole adjustment period and how long it took, so the last thing you’d want is to go through it all again with a different hearing aid that has different settings and hardware. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to your current pair, and your hearing specialist might even suggest a second pair of the same type.

Deciding whether to swap or repair your hearing aids can be a difficult choice, but the bottom line is; you should always pick what’s best for your situation. If you’re content with what you have right now, then there’s not much reason to change it. However, if there are newer models of hearing aids and you’re growing out of your current ones, then getting them replaced is a good idea.